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BioForm Solutions is the leading provider of flow cytometry-based microbial testing services. In our state-of-the-art laboratory, we have optimized testing for many microbial formulations and strains. We deliver results rapidly in easy to interpret reports that support our customers’ needs.

Services That Improve Your Probiotic Manufacturing

  • Minimize manufacturing overfill with accurate enumeration
  • Shelf life testing
  • Verification of raw materials
  • Evaluation of product formulation, manufacturing processes, and packaging
  • Product live cell count labeling
  • Reduced turnaround time –results delivered in as short as 24 hours of sample receipt

Probiotic Testing Services

  • Probiotic enumeration
    • Accurate cells/gram determination
    • Quantify live, injured, and dead cells
    • Differentiate between spore-forming and non-spore probiotics
  • Metabolic enzyme assays
    • Measurement of membrane potential to evaluate bacterial viability


  • Raw Materials and Supplement Products

  • Plant Probiotics

  • Direct Fed Probiotics

  • Drinks

  • Gummies

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